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Hello! As Everyone knows that this is the last day of 2013, I wish you a Happy New Year. In 2014 I promise that I will try to be more frequent and provide you guys with you valuable information.

In this post I’ll discuss on “ CWM Recovery Vs Lewa Recovery 
For those who doesn’t know what is recovery let me tell them, Recovery is a mode in which you can flash Tweaks, ROMs or any other patch. With Recovery you can also do a lot of stuff like replacing system, kernel, etc. Also you can do a factory reset through recovery. Wiping cache and dalvik cache is also a part of recovery.
The recovery which features minimum time for backup, more features, nice and friendly user interference is termed as Best recovery, in this post I’ll be comparing two most used recoveries. Cwm and Lewa.

No.1 LEWA Recovery (THE BEST!):


Lewa is one of the best recovery I have ever used, The best part of this recovery is that , you use touch instead of jacking your volume buttons up and down. This recovery has very bold UI and bold buttons on it. When you make a backup it is a highly compressed backup which helps the recovery to complete the task faster than any other recovery. Lewa recovery usually takes 20 minutes to backup if you have installed more than 30 applications otherwise if your applications are below 10 then it will hardly take 15 minutes to backup all your data including kernel and system. The biggest drawback of Lewa recovery is that it consumes very much battery, I will tell you my personal experience, I charged my phone till 100%, I rebooted in Recovery Mod because I needed a backup because I wanted to flash a new ROM. When I started my backup and rebooted (not in recovery), my battery was gone down to 50%, then I flashed the ROM it took it to 10%, Amazing I kept my phone on charge for 5 hours continuously and all battery drained in 30 mins! WOW!
So if you are not a busy person and battery doesn’t matter to you or you can charge your device 3 times a day then you are most welcomed  to try Lewa Recovery.

No.2 Clockwork Recovery Mod (CWM):


This recovery has very much basic looks and user interference but it features everything that you can do Lewa but this has a bit complicated system, and for those who are very lazy, don’t try this recovery because you have to hit volume button a hell lot of times. CWM doesn’t feature you option to touch as touch will not respond in CWM. You have to use volume key and the buttons which respond physically.
A problem which is usually seen in CWM is that, sometimes the backup which you have already made pops up with an error of MD5 Mismatch but it happens very rare not very much often also the backup time is very very very much higher because  of the backup size, my device have total 3 backups which are of total size 2.96 GB and when I made same backups with Lewa they were just 1.23 GB.


In this competition Lewa wins but most of the people are not aware of it because CWM has already earned the market.  If you have very much time and also memory then choose cwm but if you have less time and less memory then go for lewa.

My ratings:

I will rate Lewa: 8/10
Clockwork recovery mod: 7.5/10 (DUE TO KILLING OF VOLUME KEYS)

For the time being bye! And a Happy new year!
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